Release v0.3.0.

The installation of LEMON is a somewhat tedious —although not particularly difficult— process, involving several dependencies for which there not exist Debian packages.

These are the steps to install LEMON on a fresh Debian 7 machine:

  1. apt-get install git python-pip csh
  2. apt-get build-dep python-matplotlib python-scipy
  3. apt-get install openmpi-dev
  4. easy_install -U distribute
  5. git clone --branch v0.3 git:// ~/lemon
  6. cd ~/lemon
  7. pip install "numpy>=1.7.1"
  8. pip install -r pre-requirements.txt # [View]
  9. pip install -r requirements.txt # [View]
  10. Install IRAF.
  11. Install SExtractor (version 2.19.5 or newer) [1]
  12. Install
  13. Install the MPI-enabled Montage binaries [2]
  14. python ./
  15. echo 'PATH=$PATH:~/lemon' >> ~/.bashrc
  16. echo "source ~/lemon/" >> ~/.bashrc
  17. ./ — optional, although recommended!

Note that, starting from version 2.16, IRAF is now released under a free software license. There is, thus, reasonable hope that it may be packaged for drop-in installation on Debian-based systems in the near future. A similar effort is apparently underway for Until then, please bear with us.

[1]The important thing to keep in mind is that SExtractor does not rely on the CLAPACK implementation of LAPACK — instead, it only uses the subset of the LAPACK functions available in ATLAS. That is the reason why, in case the liblapack-dev package is installed, you may encounter an error such as configure: error: CBLAS/LAPack library files not found at usual locations! Exiting. If that is your case, you may need to do something like this:
cd ./sextractor-2.19.5
apt-get install fftw3-dev libatlas-base-dev
update-alternatives --set /usr/lib/atlas-base/atlas/
./configure --with-atlas-incdir=/usr/include/atlas
make install
[2]Edit these two lines in Montage/Makefile.LINUX before doing make
# uncomment the next two lines to build MPI modules
# MPICC  =    mpicc
# BINS =      $(SBINS) $(MBINS)


LEMON is not yet available on PyPI, but we intend to package it soon. This will enormously simplify the installation process, which should consist of a single pip install lemon command — provided that IRAF, SExtractor, and Montage are already installed on your system.